Energy Suspension Bushing Lube, 2 PACKETS

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Energy Suspension's Polyurethane Bushing Grease is a silicone based lubricant with PTFE and several other additives to ensure smooth and quiet poly bushing operation.

Polyurethane bushings are not chemically bonded to the housing like rubber bushings, but instead use a free-floating design. This means that a poly bushing is free to rotate in the housing which can produce squeaking IF the bushing isn't properly lubricated. Effective poly bushing grease needs to be tacky (sticky) and slippery so conventional petroleum based grease works to a degree but doesn't have the staying power to keep poly bushings quiet and healthy for long. Enter Energy Suspension's Formula 5 Prelube.

Smooth Quiet Poly Bushings

Poly bushings operate smoothly when lubricated before installation but the wrong kind of lubricant might not last very long and result in squeaky bushings sooner rather than later. Energy Suspension's bushing grease nails all the requirements; tacky enough to stay with your bushings and slippery enough to allow the bushing to float easily in the housing. If you put your car through hard turns at speed, or your off-road vehicle occasionally finds itself up to the axles in mud, Energy Suspension's Formula 5 Prelube will keep your bushings operating as intended.

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