Shock Extension Travel Adder Kit, Stud Top Shocks

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Part Number:KTI-VSSK123
Do you have stud top shocks and need them to have more extension travel? Look no further, KellTrac has put this kit together for you.

Often times we see racers who set their cars up at a low ride height and to 'separate' when they launch, to only top their shocks out once they approach the 60-100ft range.

If you have problems spinning once you get out past the tree, we highly suggest checking your suspension travel. Often times it may be other things such as a suspension link component, an anti-roll bar or even brake lines etc.

You really do not want to top your shocks out, so lift you car up and let the rear end droop fully. At this point, disconnect your shocks and see if it falls further. If so, we highly suggest installing this kit.

This kit is an easy installation and includes everything you need to extend your shocks extension travel by 1.00", 2.00" and 3.00".

If you need to add more than 3.00" we suggest reaching out to us and let us spec a new set of shocks out for you.

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