Viking Warrior Shock, Stud Top, Each

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Kelltrac is proud to offer this "Build-Your-Own" option. Many times we find that people have issues selecting the proper shock for their project, we are here to make it easy! All you need to do is select the bushing style you want (Poly or Bearing), your ride height range and your valving. We do the rest!

This is a very crucial specification, please acquire the accurate measurement *AT YOUR DESIRED RIDE HEIGHT* of the top centerline to the bottom centerline of your upper and lower shock mounts. Select the range in the drop-down that matches best. Most applications will be very straightforward based on the specifications that we have set up for you. If you have a dedicated racecar and have a specific style suspension system, the following will help:

If you have a very customized setup and have specific geometry that makes the suspension SEPARATE OR SQUAT then you need to consider the lengths below for your application. See chart highlighted below for full shock travel information (compressed and extended lengths). Example, if your ride height is 16" and you have a rear suspension that separates 4" when do not want to get a shock that sits in the middle of its stroke, as you will top the shock out and have traction problems. In this case you would want to have 1-2" of shaft showing at ride height and the 5+" in the shaft ready to extend. So you would use say, a D215/216 shock with a 14.22" compressed height and 23.22" extended height.

16.00" ride height - 14.75" full compressed = 1.25" of shock shaft showing at ride height
9.00" stroke shock - 1.25" of shock shaft showing = 7.75" of shock travel available to extend

*Refer to the part # that shows under the price once you select the Ride Height Range*
D201-202      8.00-10.80
D203-204      8.78-12.38
D205-206      9.41-13.61
D207-208      10.47-15.72
D209-210      10.94-16.69
D211-212      11.94-18.69
D213-214      12.22-19.22
D215-216      14.22-23.22
D217-218      9.85-14.50
D219-220      12.97-20.72

Bearing mount widths are available in 1.00", 1.25" and 1.50" widths and use 1/2" -OR- 5/8" Bolts.
Bushing mount widths are only available in 1.25" widths and also use either 1/2" -OR- 5/8" Bolts.
*1.00" Wide Spherical Bearings are only compatible with 1/2" diameter bolts*

(We only offer these in Berserker and Crusader Valving)
When performance is on the line, look no further than a Viking Performance Triple Adjustable shock for your performance vehicle! With these Triple Adjustable shocks, rebound tuning is the same as the double adjustable. On the compression side, the compression is split into two adjustments - low speed and high speed. This allows for significantly greater high speed shaft forces without impacting low speed feel or performance. The potential force range at lower speeds becomes an area instead of fixed lines. Small and compact like their industry leading double adjustables, these Viking Triples do not need canisters.

Triple Adjustable shocks offer the most powerful compression forces of any other shock offering available today! A triple adjustable shock is the best choice for all situations and applications.

WARRIOR: For cars that are PRIMARILY street driven but racing is life. Comfortable performance and durability.
BERSERKER: For cars that fall under Warrior but make 600+HP - this is the average boosted car owner's choice.
CRUSADER: For cars that are PRIMARILY raced with "limited" street use. Meant for Racecars / Weekend Warriors.

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